Stop bullying

Bullying and Harassment  is not tolerated in any form at BIS, Pune. A student showing a lack of respect for the rights of others by bullying or harassing in any way will face appropriate disciplinary action, which may include suspension and /or expulsion. The behaviour need not be intentional in order to be considered harassment/ bullying. It is sufficient that the offender knows, as appropriate for age and grade, or ought to reasonably know that the behaviour is offensive and inappropriate. 

Consequences of Bullying and Harassment : Students must realise that actions have consequences in general. Inappropriate behaviour or not following school guidelines will hamper their academic performance and also may affect their social and emotional progress. Inappropriate behaviour may also be detrimental to the learning of the peers and may disturb the classroom / School environment. Following appropriate behaviour and following the guidelines will enhance the character and will help them become  better learners. 

School policy on Student Behaviour and Bullying / Harassment is shared on request.

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