Practical life in school

Students are expected to take initiative and lead their education. Practical life at BIS engages students with activities that are applicable for all age groups and are changed depending on what the child can do at each stage of development. The activities start with something as simple as washing hands, arranging flowers in a vase, keeping an orderly classroom, keeping their  books, lockers and classroom clean, water and care for plants, bake a dessert, packing a tiffin box, an overnight bag or even developing a business plan in middle school or take us for a school tour and lead the School Fete. Activities might seem straightforward, complex or repetitive but students are taught to take them seriously. Practical life at school teaches the students Care of Self and Care of the Environment at a deeper level. Our students at BIS take pride in completing a job, develop a better level of concentration, a sense of order, self management and time management skills, increase in independence and leadership skills, and they develop respect for their  community and surroundings. Our Middle School Students take initiative and lead by example. 

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