Why BLISS International School

Student centric Environment

At BLISS International School, we have a balanced student teacher ratio which ensures that each student receives close attention for optimum progress. We aim to provide quality education in the international curriculum.

Building self-reliance is one of the most important skills, and is synonymous with “independence’’. The ability to act and think for oneself will be essential to the future success and well-being of our students. At BIS we follow the IB philosophy to empower young people for a lifetime of learning, independently and in collaboration with others. We challenge the students to develop their own philosophical voice and to grow into independent thinkers.

Not just Imparting but Inspiring

The facilitators at BIS demonstrate excellent subject knowledge, have high expectations of bringing value to the students they teach, and prepare and deliver engaging sessions with defined learning objectives.Qualified and  experienced facilitators with linguistic and cultural diversity and Technology-enabled classrooms to equip students with 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.Facilitators deliver differentiated instructions which cater to the diverse learning needs of each child.

Relationships Between Staff and Students

School’s positive relationships between staff and students, as well as among students themselves, are a distinguishing quality and a source of strength.Children are often personally welcomed in the morning and the care that the staff devote to the well-being of their students is appreciated by both the students and the parent

Value Addition Programme (EYP,PYP,MYP)

The value-added education at BIS  is an objective and outcome based approach towards experiences that prepare students to be balanced, productive and influential leaders of tomorrow. School keeps in mind  the  emotional and social wellbeing of their student community. It is this approach and implementation of it that sets BIS apart from other schools.  

Life Skills Sessions for Early years

School’s positive relationships between staff and students, as well as among students themselves, are a distinguishing quality and a source of strength.Children are often personally welcomed in the morning and the care that the staff devote to the well-being of their students is appreciated by both the students and the parent

International Collaboration

BIS makes available platforms through the Student Exchange Programme where students collaborate and interact with schools across the globe. This promotes international mindedness and provides students with explicit opportunities to understand cultures of various countries and ethinic group. Students at BIS are given opportunities to exhibit their projects on a global platform with collaboration with IB world schools. 

Well Being Programme

Behavioural Reflection sessions are crafted  to raise the students’ energies and passion for work. It focuses on inculcating positive behaviours rather than reprimanding the poor behaviour. The school goes great lengths to ensure meaningful difference is made in the lives of the students and we ensure they develop into well informed global citizens.The sessions are engaging, using play as the teaching methodology. Students are actively participating in hands-on activities and learning through experiential learning.

Counselling & Pastoral Care

Counselling sessions facilitate a safe learning environment which focuses on students well-being.BIS plays an important role in a child’s holistic development and we care a lot about how our students develop in terms of feelings, beliefs, behaviours, and choices as these aspects affect their current and future lives. We encourage our pupils to attend counselling sessions as and when needed.

International Mindedness

At BIS, an environment fostering international mindedness is maintained while still allowing learners to understand Indian culture and values. We empower students with project-based learning through STEAM that fosters an inclusive learning environment in which all students are able to engage and contribute. Celebration of multicultural festivals promotes international mindedness.

To facilitate this goal, BIS has been accredited and authorised by the International Baccalaureate Ⓡ (IB)

B- CAN Community

Community service programmes strengthen community relationships. Service as action is the core of agency, and students at BIS are given voice, choice and ownership to take meaningful and mindful action . Action is a crucial element in IB, giving students the chance to make a significant contribution to their local and global communities. It’s a key component of agency because it allows students to recognize that they can not only make a positive difference in the world, but also be change-makers.In our continuous efforts to render service to the community and support School’s & IB’s Mission, BIS continues to get involved in a range of service activities under the B- CAN (BLISS Community Action Network) Projects In our continuous effort to enable our students to reach out to the community, we have been in collaboration with Snehavan- an orphanage and an old age home, where our students extend their help and support. 

Students are also encouraged to practise the 3 R’s, through implementation of recycling, reusing and reducing. Students are trained at a very young age to become conscious consumers of resources and thereby reduce their ecological footprint.

Learning Support

BIS is dedicated to creating a learning atmosphere in which every student feels welcomed, appreciated, and supported. We think that all of our students: 

  • are capable of learning
  • have unique abilities and needs.
  • learn differently 


Specialists in this area work with students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties to help them access the content in the classroom by developing an IEP (Individualised Education Plan). This is accomplished through collaborative planning and support of subject facilitators, allowing them to accommodate the diversity of student needs through differentiation, flexible approaches, adjusted outcomes, and/or additional resources as needed. We are an all-inclusive school with committed professionals.

Avocational School

Avocational school is a non-curricular programme that is conducted at the end of the academic year. During Avocational School students spend  time making a lifetime of memories in this uniquely designed Summer School at BIS. Students are engaged in various fun activities that allow them to explore designing, creative thinking, digital collaborations, vocals, culinary art and painting. Higher grades also fill in this time with some courses and research that are useful for their future. The list of our activities is innovative, trendy and endless. Holistic learning at BIS is not complete without our Avocational school. 


The Avocational School is the culmination of the academic year which ends with engagements that are unconventional to the traditional schooling, essentially unstructured but involves outcome and skill based learning.

Bridgecouse programme

At BIS, we offer a unique Bridge Programme which has been appreciated and recommended by the parent fraternity for the last four years. The programme ensures that children get an opportunity to explore the pedagogy of learning at BIS and get acquainted with the environment and ambience of the school. It also gives the child an opportunity to experience the approach of inquiry, action and reflection and develop a strong peer rapport with our existing students and facilitators. The course commences in the months of April and May, preparing the students for the upcoming academic year. 

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