Our Philosophy

Ethos of Education at BIS

BLISS is a welcoming community for all faiths.

The philosophy of holistic education for a child of BIS revolves around the children and their intellectual, social, physical and emotional well being. Our classrooms appeal to different learning styles and go beyond the regular curriculum. There’s greater independence, greater discovery, greater guidance and greater achievements for our students because we make a conscious decision to pay heed to the smaller deeds of the students life and keep the student teacher ratio small. Our curriculum introduces foriegn languages to our students in the early years of their school life and progresses towards developing language skills  as the grades progress. There is a balance between academics and the enrichment programmes. Experiential education at BIS helps build confidence and community for our students and they are guided to lead their own learning with discipline and integrity. Our approach to teaching and learning is consistent and is filled with positivity, encouragement, inquiry and outcome. The philosophy of student engagements and its implementation of the same at BIS is what sets it apart from other schools. At BIS behavioural reflection  is considered mandatory for effective learning to take place and we endorse this through our enrichment programme to validate holistic teaching and learning processes. We believe that it is not the behaviour of the child but our response to their behaviour that encourages or discourages the child further the reflection of their own behaviour.  

Academics, Sports, Artistic Activities like Instrumental, Drama, Dance, Singing, Poetry, Movement, Painting and more are all essential aspects of the program.   

According to the UN declaration for the rights of the child and The Indian Laws the School has responsibility to ensure that all students in the school are protected from all forms of Exploitation, Abuse and Neglect. And our school endorses the same in its policy. 

Do take time and read through our website with care to understand the depth of what BIS stands for. This is fundamental in the process to ensure a good fit for your expectation of education for your child and the school’s ideals.

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