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Students’ educational and emotional needs are recognised at BIS.  Students at BIS are SEEN and heard. We understand that developing curiosity, courtesy, compassion, patience, can help students cultivate healthy and respectful relationships. Growing children require support in identifying and understanding their strengths and managing their emotions and building social skills. Our SEEN Programme, is designed to work closely with students by employing a variety of techniques and tasks to help students through their emotional and behavioural concerns, as well as resolve conflict. Regular PSEB  Sessions are conducted by our SEN Coordinator across all grades addressing age appropriate behavioural nuances and challenges faced by the students in the modern world of today.  Students at BIS are encouraged to use the counselling support service through drop in sessions. SEEN Counsellors also hold parent well being sessions to provide assistance and strategies to support students at home and at school.

The best way to get to know us is to arrange to visit. However, we are also available via phone and email.
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