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All students from Nursery to Grade 10 are offered French and German as an option. Students can opt one of them.

All decisions regarding admissions for students with special needs are made on an individual case-by-case basis. We do have an SEN department who takes care of children with special needs. All parents are required to completely disclose special needs of the students at the time of admissions and failure to do so may result in the reversal of any admissions offer made without previous knowledge of a child’s situation.

Students attend school Monday through Friday from 8: 45 am to 3 pm. The Nursery students have an option of choosing either a half day or full day programme. The half day programme ends at 12: 30 pm. For rest of the students, BLISS offers only a full day programme.

The first Saturday of every month is called a BLISS Saturday and is a working day for all students. Students participate in various activities of Sports, Visual and Performing arts and Service from 9 am to 1 pm.

There are literally hundreds of ways to get to BLISS International School each day. We provide morning and afternoon bus transportation that serves students of all grade levels. The bus transportation fee is not included in the tuition fee.


We provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack to all students. Food is optional and included in the tuition fee. Please visit our Health and Nutrition page for more information.

Our students wear uniform. Students have PE, formal and house uniforms and can be purchased through a dedicated vendor selected by the School.

Students from multiple nationalities have made BLISS their home. Some of the countries represented in student body are India, USA, UK, French, Indonesia etc.

We offer Martial arts, Music, Swimming, Skating and Indoor Games activities as part of the after school club. Various other activities like tennis, basketball etc. will be added as students opt for them.

We do not have a boarding program.

Interested parents have to purchase the application form from the admissions office and submit the same with all required documents. An admissions officer will help them through the remainder of the application process. Applications are reviewed by the admissions committee after all required documents are received. Parents are requested to provide the school with full disclosure about special needs, failing to do so will lead to reversal of the admissions offer made.

You may either register your inquiry through the Inquiry form on our website and the admissions team will contact you immediately. You may also call us on + 91 7741950000 / 7741850000 and seek an appointment.

Yes, we do provide a day care facility from 3: 30 pm to 7 pm.

You can call us or visit the admission section on the top of admission process and applying online admissions. 

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