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Parent Speak

Manish Sharma & Dimpy Gupta

This Covid pandemic has been very challenging for all of us, especially kids. Despite all the roadblocks, BIS has been able to smoothly and effectively run the online classes where other schools are still struggling to figure it out.

I would like to take a moment to appreciate all your efforts to carry out not only the virtual classes but also cultural and sports events.

You all have been able to efficiently engage kids and carry out the school virtually with minimum outage.
A BIG THANK YOU from all of us. 🙏


Shravan Raina & Ruchita Sapra

We are incredibly blessed to have our daughter attending BIS International School. The school offer International curriculum including the essential elements of primary education. 

With respect to its environment there is a healthy and relaxed atmosphere with good facilities which allows my child to have fun while at same time it secures the proper motivation and commitment to learn. In particular to my daughter we can see a progress at her development where the growth of fundamental values of Knowledge and Inspiration became part of her normal life.

Each day we hear stories from our daughter about the fun, adventures and learning that she has experienced; reinforced by the photos and highlights that the home room facilitator share with us. 
Their daily report on meals and nap time is also one of the additional advantage to keep track on their healthy diet. 
I recommend BIS in the highest of the terms.


Seema Parambath

I opted for BIS after careful consideration and I am really happy with my choice. It’s a school that balances academics and  overall development very well. My daughter though barely 8 is way more confident about public speaking, researching & presentation. Recently she really enjoyed the Maths mania and Joy of giving weeks. Greatly appreciate the multi-dimensional approach to learning, and I believe the teachers follow elements of layered instructional approach. They have a wonderful staff and have very IB experienced teachers. Overall the school support staff is very responsive, supportive and accessible. I found them open to receiving feedback and they have found some very interesting ways to keep the parents involved. It’s been a great experience so far.


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