Bridge Course

At BIS, we embrace a unique approach to welcoming new students. Instead of the traditional school start in July, our academic year begins in April, ensuring a seamless transition for students. Our acclaimed Bridge Programme, highly regarded by parents for four years, bridges the learning gap between grades.


Why April?

By commencing in April, students dive into our enriching academic environment early. This orientation period acquaints them with our distinctive pedagogy, fostering a deep understanding of our teaching methods. Our inquiry-based learning approach, focusing on inquiry, action, and reflection, becomes second nature to our students, encouraging curiosity and critical thinking right from the start.

Building Connections

Our Bridge Programme isn’t just about academics. It’s about building connections. New students interact with existing peers and facilitators, creating a strong sense of belonging within our school community. These early friendships provide invaluable support, ensuring every student feels valued and part of the BIS family.


Preparation for Success

Running throughout April and May, the Bridge Programme acts as a solid foundation for the upcoming academic year. It equips students with essential skills, knowledge, and confidence, setting the stage for a successful learning journey. Through this program, we not only bridge academic gaps but also cultivate a spirit of enthusiasm for learning.

Join us in April and embark on an educational adventure where every student’s journey begins with curiosity, connection, and confidence. 

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