Infrastructure of our school creates a favourable environment for students’ holistic development. It’s common knowledge that every parent wants to admit their child to a place where their kids feel safe and secure while learning and enjoying their student life. They wish to ensure the school has ample safety standards and facilities to make learning a joy.

Infrastructure in our school is the most important aspect and aesthetically designed as under, keeping in mind physical safety, and security of the students. Our well- planned and developed infrastructure abides by all safety norms and facilitates the growth of our students in all spheres- academia and sports.

  • Classrooms with individual seating desks and storage spaces
  • Libraries – Junior and Middle School libraries
  • Assessment rooms
  • Recording Room
  • Music Rooms
    • Drums
    • Keyboard
    • Guitar
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Vocals
  • Art rooms with exhibition areas.
  • Laboratories
    • Sciences lab
    • Design lab
    • Maths lab
    • iMac and iPad lab
    • Windows lab
  • Wonder room
    • Sandplay,
    • Lego Station 
    • Pretend play area for juniors.
  • Yoga Room
  • Gym and Gym Lockers
  • Sun Shaded Play areas 
  • Cycling Deck
  • Infirmary
  • Outdoor and other refurbished Spaces
  • Inclusion Room
  • Collaboration Rooms 
  • Silence room
  • Study Room
  • Comfort room 
  • Desktop Stations
  • Centralised public address system
  • Outdoors Sports
    • Play courts
    • Cricket nets
    • Swimming pool
    • Athletic tracks
    • Football
    • Volleyball 
    • Basketball
    • Tennis
    • Skating
    • Long jump pit
    • Cycling tracks
  • Indoors
    • Gym 
    • Table Tennis
    • Billiards
    • Foosball
    • Air Hockey
    • Chess
    • Gymnastics
  • Cafeteria with in-house kitchen 
  • Potable water stations.
  • Entry and Exit gates for vehicles.


The school cafeteria provides a well chalked out health plan for children with growing nutritional requirements.

The school will always recommend healthy homemade food for all children but at the same time to consider a convenience to parents who would prefer school meals for their children, the school cafeteria is set up for students and faculty. Milk, nuts, fruits, vegetables, lentils and grains are served in Indian, Oriental and Continental courses. Potable Water stations are available in the cafeteria and on every floor of the building.

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