Director's Message

Tomorrow’s leaders will need a global mindset, and the confidence to adopt new ideas. At BIS, we are proud of our efforts to provide students with necessary knowledge and skills for everyday life, particularly the ability and confidence to study, comprehend, and apply any subject.

New capacities for thinking and experiences are emerging, and young students’ experiences are a unity of these environments. BIS has earned a solid reputation and we are in a space where certain fundamentals of responsibility and excellence form the basis of the teaching process and philosophy of our school.

We are a co-ed all-inclusive school offering a continuity of education from Nursery to University entrance. Students aged 3 to 19 receive a life-long education based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum, with great academic performance. BIS is available to students from all over the world and from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Students benefit from a warm, loving, and safe environment with zero tolerance for drugs or bullying, as well as learning techniques which ensures that children truly comprehend and apply what they learn.

I would like to invite families who reside in Pune to come and visit us and experience for themselves our school environment, a place where your children can achieve their academic potential while also having a good time. I hope that this prospectus will motivate you to join us, and we look forward to answering any questions you might have about your child’s education.

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