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Bliss International School Hinjewadi is legal School

Clarification Regarding Bliss International School’s Legal Status

Date: 18/March/2024

We, the Legal Team representing Bliss International School, Hingewadi, Pune, under the auspices of the Budhrani Knowledge Foundation, wish to address recent concerns regarding the legality of our institution as depicted in various publications and rumors circulating within our community.

In response to an article titled “Bliss International School Illegal” published by certain sources, we have conducted a thorough investigation and gathered substantial evidence. Our findings reveal that this article is predicated upon a misunderstanding, containing inaccuracies that do not reflect the true legal standing of Bliss International School.

Bliss International School stands firm in its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of legality and ethical conduct across all facets of operation. We wish to assure our stakeholders that we have diligently complied with all pertinent regulations and secured the requisite permissions and licenses to operate as an educational establishment within the bounds of the law.

Understanding the paramount importance of responsible journalism and accurate reporting, we respectfully request the concerned parties to consider our plea for the removal of the aforementioned article. We stand prepared to furnish any additional information or clarifications necessary to support the rectification of this misrepresentation.

Bliss International School remains unwavering in its dedication to providing a reputable and trustworthy educational experience for our students and their families.


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