Learning support

Student Support – Students have access to a host of services monitored by fully qualified  teachers to support their learning and emotional needs. This SEEN support is designed to assist students both in managing curriculum requirements and in participating fully in school life. 

English Language Support – The english as an additional Language programme is designed to integrate ESL students into mainstream classroom environment as soon as they may benefit from it. The all inclusive programme aims to support English Language skill sets while always maintaining and celebrating cultural diversity of our students. 

SEN SUPPORT   The school has dedicated and qualified SEN teachers who support students with mild to moderate learning difficulties and special needs. We support our students who are unable to cope with our curriculum in the mainstream classroom with differentiated support by both SEEN and class/ subject teachers. Our admission policy requires parents to declare if their child has any special learning needs. If it becomes known that such needs were not disclosed, the school reserves the right to not grant admission and In case it is discovered after admission and we are unable to support the learning needs, school reserves the right to review the student continuing their education, considering the best interest of the student. 

Special Educational and Emotional Needs – All students on the SEN register receive individualised and / or small group support in form of pull out or in class or a blend of both. The support is primarily in the form of early intervention, catering to developmental needs i.e. social, emotional, speech and communication, motor and sensory. In circumstances where school determines that a student requires more support, then one to one support is provided by a special needs coordinator or assistant. Parents are required to bear the cost of the SNA support.  

Determining the Sen Support In case if a student 

  • Has a learning gap when compared to the majority of  students of the same age
  • Have difficulties in learning despite differentiation in the classroom, or
  • Have difficulties in independently making use of the educational needs facilities provided in the classroom

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