Avocational School

at BLISS International School

Avocational School for students is making a lifetime of memories in this uniquely Designed Summer School at BIS. Reflecting Exploring, Designing, Thinking, Creativity and Digital Collaborations, News, Vocals, Aeromodelling, Saree Draping, Nail Painting, Hair Styling, Table Ettiquettes, Parent community participations, chess, whacky experiments. Avocational  school is the culmination of the school academic year with engagements that could be  unconventional to the traditional thought of schooling. 

Higher grades also fill in this time with some courses and research that are useful for their future. The list of our activities is innovative, trendy and endless. Holistic learning at BIS is not complete without our Avocational school. 

This is time well spent…. Avocational School in BIS non structured but outcome based learning experiences gained at the end of every academic year just prior to the summer break.

The best way to get to know us is to arrange to visit. However, we are also available via phone and email.
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