BLISS Saturday

BLISS saturday are enrichment saturdays that allow the students to be free alongside their educational and academic learning

BLISS Saturdays are our school’s prescription for health for our  students. While play time has received  the importance it deserves in conversations and schedules, its  actual role in fostering essential  social, cultural, emotional and cognitive development and its role in cultivating creativity,  imagination and social behaviours in the childhood years is utilised very effectively on a BLISS Saturday at only BLISS International School.

A very important group of,  “ Adolescents” has been largely left out of this discussion at most times. Adolescents need time to play too. Sing, Dance, Theatre, Toy/ object play, Outdoor play, Pretend play, Free play, Games, Physical play, Indoor games, wacky science experiments, Word problems- Chess- BasketBall – Swimming- Theatre- First aid skills- Yoga- Explore with science experiments- Film Club- Vocabulary building- Environmental Club- Cooking- Edutainment- Robotic- Tech Club and many many more activities  are organised for students at BIS.

These numerous sometimes non  structured and  non instructional engagements for children across all grades is highly recommended and prescribed by BIS. Giving our students plenty of opportunities to play is one of the best ways to help them grow into curious, creative, healthy, and happy adults equipped with the skills they need today. During play, children are supported and encouraged to find out more and explore to play with what they know, and be willing to ‘have a go’ at what they think might be; to be involved, concentrate, keep trying, and enjoy achieving ; to have their own ideas, make links and correlate and choose different ways to do things. 

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