SEEN Support

BIS has  an inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity, promotes equal opportunities, and supports the success of all students. All students are expected to adopt a mindset where every individual feels valued and respected.

All students are expected to show understanding and compassion towards students with special needs and be willing to offer assistance and support when needed.
All students are expected to lead by example in promoting inclusion and acceptance of students with special needs and inspire others to do the same through their actions and words.


Admission under Student educational & emotional needs (SEEN) is subject to the resources available to cater to the needs of individuals.We have a Referral Process in place through which students who require counselling sessions can be recommended by the HRF to the school counsellor. 

In the event that a special educational need is identified for a student after the admission, the school will initiate a collaborative process with parents where students will be recommended to undergo a certain evaluation. The school expects parents or legal guardians to actively participate in getting the evaluations done, based on which child may be transferred to the Access & Inclusion department; the SEEN fee structure will be effective.
  • All the student’s placements and Individual educational plan is kept under observation and required enhancements are made with consultation with parents for continuous growth.
  •  Annually the placements of the students are reviewed in the consultation with the parent.
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