EYP Program

Nursery, Prep 1 and Prep 2

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted around universally established pillars of learning and development, including language communication, mathematical proficiency, environmental awareness, and artistic expression. These fundamental aspects emphasize the cultivation of essential self-help skills like eating independence, toilet hygiene, and grooming abilities, laying the foundation for each child’s confidence and progress at this crucial stage. Recognizing the significance of Personal, Sociocultural, Behavioral, and Emotional Development during these formative years, our school places utmost importance on nurturing these facets within the school hours.

In Prep schools 1 and 2, we ensure a seamless transition from nursery education, offering an expansive outdoor play deck designed for educational activities. Our innovative play stations, such as Plank Play, Cycling, Play House, Trippy Tyres, Sand Play, and Traffic Displays, engage young minds in enriching experiences. As students progress from play-initiated learning in the Foundation Year Program to a more structured approach in Preparatory Class 2, they witness a gradual evolution in their educational journey.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured to enhance students’ existing skills and kindle their interests, fostering confident and collaborative learning. It cultivates an inquisitive mindset while focusing on essential learning areas such as English, Maths, Physical Health Education (PHE), and Life Science. Additionally, we introduce elements of Computers, Drama, Music, and Dance to provide a holistic educational experience. Furthermore, BIS introduces German and French languages from Prep 1, formally instructing them from Prep 2, broadening students’ linguistic horizons.

The Nursery, Prep 1, and Prep 2 years mark the initiation of formal education in our children’s lives. This process unfolds within an atmosphere imbued with love, warmth, and reverence, providing the ideal support system for healthy development and a lifelong love for learning.

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