EYP Program

Primary Years Nursery, Prep 1 and Prep 2

Our Curriculum is based on the universally established areas of learning and development, language communication, mathematical development, understanding of their surroundings, expressiveness in art and design. These essentially emphasise on the self-help skills and abilities like eating independence, toilet hygiene, grooming abilities that are prerequisites for confidence and progress in every child this age. Personal, Sociocultural, Behavioural and Emotional Development are crucial for these growing years and are given utmost importance in school hours. 

Prep school 1 and 2 focus on providing continuity from nursery school and provides for a vast outdoor play deck that is designed to conduct educational activities. Plank Play, Cycling, Play House, Trippy Tyres, Sand Play, Cycling, Traffic Displays and more are designated play stations for the little children. Progression in learning is seen as students transition from play-initiated learning in FYP to a slightly more structured learning experience in Preparatory class 2. 

Our curriculum is designed to build on student skills and develop their interests to explore and learn confidently and collaboratively. It promotes an inquiring mindset with the essential learning skills of English, Maths, PHE (Physical Health Education) and Life Science along with introducing elements of Computers, Drama, Music and Dance. At BIS, German and French are introduced in Prep 1 and taught formally from Prep 2.

Nursery, Prep 1 and Prep 2 are the years of initiating formal education into our children’s lives. This process is conducted in an atmosphere of love, warmth and reverence that supports healthy development. 

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