Caring Community

Our approach to learning is built on one core belief: We can help your child achieve more. We embrace innovative approaches to ensure that your child thrives as a student and as a global citizen.

We take the time to discover their passions, and tap into their strengths. Our flexible approach to learning allows us to adapt to each student’s needs.

We nurture confidence, creativity, global mindset  with a thirst for knowledge and the vision to change the world for the better. Our results are consistently higher and 

BIS offers an outstanding experience with teachers, unrivalled opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities and education technology. Your child will be part of a vibrant caring community and will be able to connect with children from all over the world, creating lifelong memories and instilling a global mindset. Our students, parents, staff, and friends of the schools form a diverse and supportive network ready to help you with any aspect of school life. 

We encourage all our students to be active members of their local communities, which they achieve through  school-level community service programmes and their own initiated projects. Our students, staff and parents donate valuable time, expertise and resources to support local projects. This benefits both the community and our students, who gain new skills, valuable insights into the world around them and create deep connections to the people and places. 

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