Child attendance

Minimum attendance expected for all students is 87%. In case the attendance falls below this, parents will be called to meet the DOA and provide justification. In the event of any emergencies parents are requested to put in a leave application via email, for full day or half day absence from school, addressing it to the HRF. Those children who remain absent for even a single day, must get their leaves record completed and duly signed by their parents. In case of protracted sickness, an application must be sent to the Director, DOA and HRF explaining the reasons for such absence along with a Medical Certificate from a registered physician. Such request shall be dealt with as per the merits of the case. Absence from school on accounts of celebrations, marriages or other functions within the family is required to be discussed with the HRF prior to the leave. A strategy is to be planned between them to keep the child abreast with school activities during the leave of absence. Students are responsible for covering the syllabus missed during the absence. The school does not own responsibility for covering the syllabus/assessment missed by a child for unexplained and unauthorized absences

  •   Missing assessments due to personal reasons is not permitted. The student will be marked absent for these and the same will reflect in the report.
  •  Assessments will not be pre or postponed to accommodate the leaves taken by students.

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